Together We Shall Prevail

יחד ננצח

Dear friends, followers, and supporters,

The devastating atrocities of October 7th, and the ongoing war, have deeply affected individuals, families, communities and entire populations, both locally and internationally. Many families who have been uprooted and displaced have lost their homes both literarily, and figuratively, as a safe haven that cherishes life, connection and community. In an effort to contribute to the necessary widespread healing process, I am launching a campaign that I hope you will choose to participate in.

I have chosen to create a series of Mezuzahs that commemorate the values of peace and prosperity within the sanctuary of our homes. For generations, Mezuzahs have been a reminder of solidarity and unity in upholding life above all. “The Shema”, the blessing embedded within the Mezuzah, has been recited by countless in times of dire desperation, and in prayer for revival.

In our joint efforts to rebuild, re-unite and heal, all profits from the sale of these Mezuzahs will be donated to victims of the South of Israel.
In addition, Mezuzahs can be purchased at a discount and donated in your name to a home that will be rebuilt and resettled in the southern region of Israel.

I greatly appreciate your support and hope that this initiative will enable us to provide a Mezuzah for each new home that will be rebuilt and resettled in the very near future.

May these Mezuzahs provide protection and blessing to all our homes in the future.

With love,


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